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Adopting a Blended Learning Approach in your Institution? That’s Easy with Kneura

Once upon a time, classrooms were confined to a physical place. Wait! This phrase we often use while telling children their first stories, correspondingly, through this piece, we intend to narrate the first story of our education platform for blended learning – Kneura.


Once upon a time, classrooms were confined to a physical place.Children were going to a building, finding their classrooms and sitting at their allotted desk for several hours, mostly seven. And any learning out of the classroom was the playground for PE and the practical or blended learning was about watching educational videos and visiting local destinations.  


Two decades into the twenty-first century, technological innovation in education is progressing at an accelerated rate, awakening the curiosity of Gen Z learners, deepening their engagement with subjects, and expanding the knowledge through digital resources. Educators can embed frequent assessments with real-time and continuous feedback while it helps the administration to incorporate closed-loop instruction system to deliver better learning outcomes. Basically, technology-enabled education platform is unshackling institutions from one-classroom model with blended learningwherein learning is no longer limited by walls or daylight or location.  


Imparting Blended Learning through Kneura Platform 


Kneura is a revolutionary blending learning platform for education that acts as a foundation for digital literacy in the institutions, connects the whole institution through an intelligent fabric, and inspires the next generation by instilling the familiarity with the technologies right from the tender age.

Kneura is the Industry’s first Unified Blended Learning Platform with  complete suite of  teaching and learning  features. It digitally transforms the traditional classrooms to Classroom 3.0 that focuses on imparting blended learning – face to face and online learning.  


To break all the barriers of traditional teaching that gets confined with place and time, Kneura enables instructors and learners to get connected on a cloud connected hybrid learning space anytime, anywhere.   


How to effectively create learning resources?

Content Authoring Tools

Create interesting lesson plans by pulling the content online from in-built Education Search Engine – KSAR and MyCloud. Enhance the authoring experience by using smart tools to write and highlight in different colours of digital ink, draw shapes and change the background to create an immersive learning experience. It works the same when you are authoring on Interactive Whiteboard in a classroom or planning your lesson from the comfort of your home, across different platforms such as Win, Android, or iOS.   

How to conduct online classes ?

Conduct Live Class

Both Live and Virtual Tutoring

One of the most powerful ways to implement blended learning and continue classes outside the classrooms is Virtual Tutoring that incorporates the benefits of face-to-face interaction in a virtual classroom and eliminates the issue of creating time and physical space as instructors can schedule a class in just-in-time fashion.

Kneura combines the best of both worlds- synchronous and asynchronous discussions and gives the flexibility to instructors to impart education on their own. Asynchronous learning environment allows students the luxury of time to read the shared resources and post to discussions, an important part of the learning process. While Synchronous discussion refers to the online conversation that occurs in realtime through online classes, chat sessions.

With Kneura, video collaboration, instructors can create lesson plans, polls, and quizzes, and set limits if participation wanes or if the conversation heads in the wrong direction. Live tutoring promotes collaboration and helps students achieving deeper level of knowledge anytime, anywhere. 


How to track and assess students’ progress ?

Digital Profile 

The response and answers of learners have been captured by AI to maintain a digital profile of each student called ‘Digital Avatar’, which keeps a record of the knowledge gain of students in realtime. Basically, the vision is backed by the action to measure the knowledge of a student in every topic and update in a knowledge graph to know how much a student has actually acquired and what would be the best way to enhance the student’s learning. 

Track Student Performance - Kneura

How to keep your students informed ?

Student Communication

Communication is the key to engage students actively with information through discussion, assignments, resources, and reviews. Blurring the lines between physical availability and unavailability of the students in the classroom, Kneura allows teachers to create and share the lesson plans from anywhere – a smart board or personal device. 

Teaching is usually seen as a one-way transfer of information from teachers to students is now evolving as two-way communication, which can occur in face-to-face learning, blended learning, or even online learning through Kneura. 

Moreover, Communication Module is equally effective for Administration, which can use this module to communicate with teachers, students, and parents, ensuring connectivity at every step. 


This blog is depicting the journey we have just begun, and we look forward to sharing more as we continue this journey together. 


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