Pre-Booking Offer!! Book Tutor Plus Now and win Amazon Voucher worth Rs 1000.

Pre-Booking Offer!! Book Now and win Amazon Voucher worth Rs 1000. Shipping starts on March 15th.

Pre-Booking Offer!! Book Now and win Amazon Voucher worth Rs 1000. Shipping starts on March 15th.

Tutor Plus

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Interactive Teaching Device for Online & Live Streaming Classes

  • Place Tutor Plus on any normal TV/ display of 32″ to 75″ to convert it into an interactive touch screen.
  • Experience a real-time lag-free, pen-on-paper-like writing experience.
  • With the built-in FHD camera, noise cancellation mic array you can create the experience of in-person learning for your virtual students on any digital platform.


EyeRIS Driver instantly upgrades any TV / display or panel to a touch interactive screen. Navigate it, write on it, or drag and drop the content from your connected device, EyeRIS allows it all. 

Download: Click here

KneuraTeach is teaching software and has AI-Assistive tools with the help of which teachers get an opportunity to sketch their imagination on the digital canvas without any hassle. 

Software Video Link: 

Download: Click here

Know how to navigate KneuraTeach software that comes as a standalone product as well as built-in software with Tutor Plus. 

Download: Click here

Touch Interactivity

Tutor Plus converts a wide range of screen sizes varying from 32” up to 75” into a touch interactive screen. It has the world’s fastest lag-free writing experience with high precision of +/- 2Px. The built-in vision sensing camera ‘EyeRIS’ intelligently tracks the environment and converts it into a touch experience.

Teaching Tools

The device has a digital pen to write, draw, and highlight, recognizes handwriting, solves mathematical equations, undo and redo changes, drag and drop content, and assists the users in the best way possible to present their ideas.

Live Streaming on Youtube

With a click on the Go Live button and entering the YouTube stream keys, the user will get connected to the YouTube Live Streaming, which will showcase the whiteboard. Simultaneously, the EyeSight tool in the device will open the front camera and capture the teacher during live streaming classes. This means, along with whiteboard content, students can see their teachers as well, giving it a complete classroom look.

Online Teaching

Conduct online classes on your favourite platform and share your KneuraTeach screen that has a wide gamut of whiteboarding tools, allowing you to teach like you do on a normal whiteboard, even better. Tutor Plus is compatible with all the major collaboration tools, so you don’t need to worry about software compatibility issues.

What’s in the Box

Set up easy less than 5 mins

Place Tutor Plus on your TV/Display

Connect to the laptop via USB

Perform Calibration

Start Teaching

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Tutor Plus allows the users to screen share the whiteboard while conducting online classes via Zoom. With the extensive whiteboarding tools and touch screen experience your normal zoom classes can become much more effective.

Yes, you can directly insert your PPT from the connected device to the whiteboard. In the similar way, you can also add images and videos to the whiteboard.

As less as three minutes.

Yes, With the GoLive button, you can directly stream classes on your YouTube channel.

Yes, With the GoLive button, you can directly stream classes on your Facebook channel

Yes, the built-in online content repository will allow you to drag and drop images or videos on to the digital whiteboard.

Yes, the share button gives a QR code or a global access code through which your students can directly download the lessons.

No, the built-in camera and mic of TutorPlus captures your audio and video while recording lessons or conducting online classes.

Tutor Plus Product Specifications

Interactive Camera (Touch screen experience)

EyeRIS® 3-D Dual-band Optical

Simultaneous Input Points




Display Size Support

32" to 75"

Ambient Light Resistance Technology

830nm +/-20 & 650nm +/-20 dual band tracking technology (Visible and IR bands)

Tracking Speed & Response Time

120 FPS (can be extended upto 200 FPS) & 195 million dots/sec

Calibration Technology

Automatic & Manual Calibration

Stylus Power Requirements

3 minutes charging time via USB

Whiteboard Suite

KneuraTeach ( Windows)

Cross platform support (BYOD)

Windows and mac OS

Easy Sharing

Share notes through QR code

Video Conferencing (Built-in camera)

Full HD 1080p

Camera View Angle


Voice Capture Distance

5m Radius Voice Capture (extendable upto 20m depending on environment conditions)

Digital Zoom

3X through application

Facial Tracking*



Mic Array of 4 MEMS Microphones

Integrated Voice DSP Features

4 -mic adaptive beam former

Microphone Features

Automatic Noise Cancellation


I/O Micro USB

Accessories (Standard)

Super Capacitive Stylus(1), Micro USB cable, Stylus charging cable(1), Kensington lock