TutorPlus Live

31,999.00 24,999.00

Interactive Teaching Device for Online & Live Streaming Classes

  • Place TutorPlus on any normal TV/ display of 32″ to 65″ to convert it into an interactive touch screen.
  • Experience a real-time lag-free, pen-on-paper-like writing experience.
  • With the built-in FHD camera, noise cancellation mic array you can create the experience of in-person learning for your virtual students on any digital platform.

Touch Interactivity

TutorPlus converts a wide range of screen sizes varying from 32” up to 75” into a touch interactive screen. It has the world’s fastest lag-free writing experience with high precision of +/- 2px. The built-in vision sensing camera ‘EyeRIS’ intelligently tracks the environment and converts it into a touch experience.

Teaching Tools

The device has a digital pen to write, draw, and highlight, recognizes handwriting, solves mathematical equations, undo and redo changes, drag and drop content, and assists the users in the best way possible to present their ideas.

Collaborative Whiteboard

Allows teachers to make the classes interactive & engaging with the help of digital tools & multimedia content like images, videos, animations etc. This collaborative teaching canvas can be accessed by teachers and students at the same time from anywhere, any device. With this, teachers can keep their students focussed by engaging them to take part in quizzes, group activities, solving puzzles etc during the class.

Open, Edit & Annotate on Any File / Document

TutorPlus Hub allows teachers to instantly upload the documents on the display via USB / HDMI. Built-in Office App suite allows them to open and edit any of the application.

Ability to Download Apps

The built in powerful processor allows the users to download apps directly via Google Play Store and access it. It also supports to directly download any thrid party applications for interactive content or simulations. With this TutorPlus Hub gives the advantage to access any type of learning management application in class.

TutorPlus Hub Product Specifications


TutorPlus Hub transforms any standard display or flat panel into seamless touch interactive and collaborative learning space with augmented capabilities.

Built-in Computer

3.2 GHz Hex (6) Core 64 bit processor with 4GB RAM & 16 GB onboard storage, expandable upto 128 GB

Built-in PlayStore

Ability to download apps

Interactive Camera (Touch screen experience)

EyeRIS® 3-D Dual-band Optical

Wireless Support

Dual Band Wi-Fi (2.4 Ghz & 5 Ghz)


Bluetooth 4.0

Embedded OS

Bird AI OS Android version



Display Resolution Support

4K UHD 3840x2160 @ 60Hz

Display Size Support

32" to 75"

Ambient Light Resistance Technology

830nm +/-20 & 650nm +/-20 dual band tracking technology (Visible and IR bands)

Tracking Speed & Response Time

120 FPS (can be extended upto 200 FPS) & 195 million dots/sec

Stylus Power Requirements

Super-Capacitive technology, No Consumables, 3 minutes charging time via USB

Whiteboard Suite

Built-in AiCanvas with live collaboration

Cross platform support (BYOD)

Android, Windows and macOS

Easy Sharing

Share notes & Recieve files through QR code

Connectivity I/O

HDMI, USB 3.0, Micro SD Card, DC In, LAN, USB Type C

Accessories (Standard)

Super Capacitive Stylus (1), Type C USB Cable, Stylus Charging cable (1), Power cable, Power adapter, USB Remote, Wall mount, Kensington lock